Super LOL XLVI: “An Eagles Fan’s Perspective,” by Joe Tobin

(Leading up to Sunday, we asked a group of comedians to share their thoughts and insights on the big game. First up is Joe Tobin, a stand-up comic from Philadelphia who lives in San Francisco)

My thoughts on the Super Bowl…as an Eagles fan, I hadn’t intended to tune in, honestly. I was actually planning to watch “Invincible” (on DVD) and the AMC Rocky movie marathon (on DVR) while eating unheated Dinty Moore Beef Stew right out of the can.

Watching the Eagles fall short of the Super Bowl is nothing new, of course, but it was particularly tough this year, given the record-setting amount of bedshitting the Eagles were guilty of this year. (Who falls for a hard count on a 4th and 1?!?) For most of the first half of the season, the Eagles played like a Madden game, but one where I’m working the controls. And in case you don’t know how bad that is, you should know that I once played an entire inning of MLB: The Show at Best Buy AND DIDN’T REALIZE I was playing the demo. (I got suspicious when my #3 hitter took a swing without me pressing any buttons.)

By the time Week 8 of the season rolled around, the Eagles were the “Dream Team” of the NFL in the same way that NKOTBSB was the “Dream Team” of pop music. (Side note: both will likely be seen at Hershey Park this summer.)

Watching the Giants in the Super Bowl, I feel an odd desire to root for them. Watching them lose would be like watching somebody else beat up your little brother…it needs to be done, but it’s weird seeing someone else do it. Plus, a Giants victory would bring tremendous disappointment to Boston sports fans, which is always a noble cause. If the Pats failed again to beat Eli — who makes a face like he wants a juice box every time he gets sacked — Pats fans everywhere would wrap themselves in ceremonial Bruschi jerseys and try to slit their wrists with Gillette Fusion razors.

But at the end of the day, we all — Eagles, Pats, and Giants fans — can come together and agree that at least it’s not the Steelers.

(Follow Joe Tobin on Twitter here: @radiofreetobin. Watch his standup clips here: Joe Tobin Comedy on YouTube. You can see Joe at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco on February 14th.)

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