San Diego Charger fans, meet your new MLB: Manti Te’o

San Diego Charger fans, meet your new MLB: Manti Te’o

*SIGH* “I really liked my house in La Jolla.”

*SIGH* “I really liked my house in La Jolla.”

The Raiders lost Nnamdi Asomugha and lost probably their best offensive player Zach Miller, so will they be any good this coming football season?

The Raiders will finish in 2nd place in their division if they join the NCAA and play in the PAC-12. 

No, but seriously, the AFC West is going to be a battle between San Diego and Kansas City. And when I say battle I mean that San Diego is most likely taking the division with ease. Last year the Chargers finished #1 overall in Total Offense (Yards Per Game) and Total Defense (Yards Per Game). If it weren’t for their terrible special teams and even worse coaching, the Chargers would have been a heavy weight contender. This year they come into the season with nearly everyone healthy and signed plus Rivers doesn’t have to face Nnamdi two times a year. Rivers might break a few passing records in those two games. 

As for the Raiders, they might beat out the Broncos for the insignificant title of third place in the AFC West, but I doubt it. 

The only sliver of hope I can offer to Raider fans is that Al Davis is 82 years old and the average life expectancy in America is a hair over 78 years old. It’s only a matter of time, friends.

- @Suga_Shane

Who is this guy?  Where did he come from?  Fresno State what?
Seyi Ajirotutu week 10 = 4 Receptions for 111 yards and 2 TDs Seyi Ajirotutu weeks 1-9 = 5 Receptions for 74 yards and 0 TDs
In all fairness he didn’t actually accumulate any stats weeks 1-6.

Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Fresno State what?

Seyi Ajirotutu week 10 = 4 Receptions for 111 yards and 2 TDs
Seyi Ajirotutu weeks 1-9 = 5 Receptions for 74 yards and 0 TDs

In all fairness he didn’t actually accumulate any stats weeks 1-6.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled football blogging for some CHEERLEADERS!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled football blogging for some CHEERLEADERS!

Biggest Winners and Losers of the Off-Season AFC Edition.

Ah, the smell of beer, chips, barbecues, and pigskin. Football season is almost here,and the NFL Off-Season is just about wrapped up. The Saints are getting ready to defend their title, while 31 other teams are trying to take it away from them. This Off-Season has been anything but boring, but let’s face it when is the NFL boring anyway? If it’s not talk about the season, it’s talk about the pre-season, draft, mini-camps, Michael Vick’s eventful off-season stories, and Brett Favre’s retirement.

The one thing I did not mention are the roster moves, and shake-ups that have occurred during the offseason. Many teams have done some drastic changes to their lineups this year, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be in Dallas in February. This is a list of the biggest winners and losers in the AFC this offseason.

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills: Winner and Loser. Adding CJ Spiller was a big deal, but other than him and his big contract, the Bills have done nothing else for themselves.

Miami Dolphins: Winner. Adding Brandon Marshall to the team was probably the best move in the off-season. The Dolphins needed a play maker outside of the wild-cat and they finally got him. Chad Henne should put up big numbers this year..I mean look what Marshall did for Cutler and Kyle Orton. Karlos Dansby is another great addition to the Dolphins defense. They should be able to contend for the division title this year. 

New England Patriots: Loser. They added Brandon Spikes in the draft who can be a great fit in the linebacker corps, they also added Torry Holt, but in reality Torry Holt is not a premier receiver anymore, and Spikes in unproven, keep in mind Randy Moss is in the last year of his contract, and Wes Welker is recovering from an ACL injury. The Patriots have been getting worse, but with Bill Belichick

and Tom Brady I would never count them out. 

New York Jets: Winner and Loser. Yes the Jets have grown from last year, Sanchise will be in his second year, and with the addition of Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie the Jets will be unstoppable! That is where you are wrong. The Dolphins got better, and the Patriots should never be counted out. Keep in mind Derell Revis is still on a holdout, without him it will be tough getting out of the AFC. Ladanian Tomlinson was a great add, but losing Leon Washington was a bad a move, at this point in their careers I wouldn’t put LT over LW as easy as I would’ve two years ago. Jason Taylor is old, but he should be able to produce also. If Revis resigns, the Jets are winners in the Off-Season.

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens: Winners. The Ravens finally added Anquan Boldin, after years of rumors and trade talks, Baltimore finally landed their guy. They also landed Donte Stallworth. The Ravens went from a team to a subpar receiver corps, to one of the best in the league. Joe Flacco should put up Peyton Manning numbers this year with this lineup. The addition of Sergio Kindle to the stout defense is also something else to look out for, if he remains healthy, this is the Ravens division to lose.


Cincinnati Bengals: Winners. TO and OCHO? Well they should put all of the Bengals games on Pay-Per-View considering it’s going to be 3 hours of entertainment every time the Bengals get on the field. The Bengals also drafted Jermaine Gresham and Carlos Dunlap in the draft, the Bengals had a great off-season


Cleveland Browns: Winners. The Browns finally have a proven QB in Jake “Daylight come and I want to” Delhomme, they also have a young quarterback in Seneca Wallace. The Browns also selected Joe Haden in the draft, who should be able to slow down Boldin, OchoCinco, Hines Ward, and the rest of the NFL. The Browns have a lot of work to do, but with Holmgren, anything is possible. 


Pittsburgh Steelers: Losers. Losing Roethlisberger for 6 weeks, losing Santonio Holmes, and not being active in the off-season would make you the biggest loser in the off-season. Sorry Pittsburgh, you might win third in the division this year. 


AFC South:

Tennessee Titans: Loser. Chris Johnson is not getting his money(PAY THE MAN), and Derrick Morgan should be able to replace Vanden Bosch, but this was not a good off-season for the Titans, there was a lot of work to be done to this team that was not done. 


Houston Texans: Neither Loser or Winner. The Texans have stayed the same, they resigned their important free agents, but they left Dunta Robinson go. They added Kareem Jackson to the team to replace Dunta. They finally paid Andre Johnson the money he deserved, and as a team they should grow. They missed out on Toby Gerhart, but Ben Tate should be able to do well. 


Indianapolis Colts: Loser. But does it matter? They are going to win the division no matter what, don’t they always? Not this year. The Texans are growing, Schaub is only getting better, and the Jaguars are feeling pressure to excel this year considering the Dolphins and the Heat have had major off-seasons. Just like the Patriots, never count out the Colts. They needed a new running back, and some help in their secondary because of the injury plagued Bob Sanders, but they should be fine.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Winner and Loser. Tyson Alalula was not a good pick, there were better options out there, and the Jaguars selected Alalula. Stealing Kirk Morrison from the Raiders was a good move, and not resigning Torry Holt, and not drafting Jimmy Clausen were amazing moves by the Jaguars. They didn’t do enough to win, but they did enough to not lose for the off-season. 


AFC West:


Denver Broncos: LOSERS. Tim Tebow was a bad move after trading for Quinn, trading Brandon Marshall was a bad move even though they received 2 2nd rounders for him. And why did the Broncos not take Dez Bryant? Biggest losers of the off-season. 


San Diego Chargers: Losers. Losing LT was bad, but they made up for it by getting Ryan Matthews, even though they traded up so high when they didn’t need to. They left their receiver corps the same, which is not a good thing. I believe they should’ve taken TO. Losing Cromartie was a bad move, and now there is a hole in the Chargers secondary. The Chargers are lucky they are in a terrible division, their record won’t mean much once they get to the playoffs. 


Oakland Raiders: Winners. The biggest winners of the off-season. The Raiders got a quarterback who is not addicted to Purple Drink! They also didn’t surprise in the the draft by getting a 3rd rounder with their first pick! Rolando McClain and Jason Campbell should be able to successfully replace Kirk Morrison and Jemarcus Russell. By keeping Tom Cable, the Raiders made another successful off-season move. The Raiders need to stop switching coaches, and this was a good move. The Raiders had a great off-season because they didn’t have a “typical Raiders off-season”. They made some other moves to fix the defense, and they should be contending for the division this year.


Kansas City Chiefs: Winners. Eric Berry is the best player in the draft, and the Chiefs have him on their team. He will be able to scare receivers in the NFL with his agility and strength. They also signed Ryan Lilja and Thomas Jones. Scott Pioli is trying to recreate the Patriots in Kansas City, and I don’t see why it won’t happen. The Chiefs are still a couple years away from contending, but you never know with this coaching staff, bad division, and great management behind them, anything can happen. 


This is my AFC Biggest Losers and Winners special, tune in tomorrow for your NFC Winners and Losers.