There will never be enough words to describe Ray Anthony Lewis Jr. His life off the field has been polarizing, publicized, forgotten and now highly conversed and covered once again. He’s still risen above it all and day after day been the man you see every sunday. All of that aside; He (along with the original fear post) is the epitome of this sub series done on thecoachingstaff. This man embodies his craft and the word fear. He can crush you with over 1,000 lbs. of force. Trash talk ALMOST as much as Gary Payton. He’s the reason receivers don’t go over the middle. For almost 2 decades there have been 2 constants in the nfl, The Baltimore Ravens’ defense and the now defunct record of Brett Farve starting every game. What has the been the common denominator of the Ravens; defense? Of course it’s Ray Lewis and just like Farve, even if you don’t like Ray theres still some part of you, as a sports fan is still inspired by the guy and that fire he has commands the respect. He is hard work and he’ll be the 1st to tell you hard work aint hard work if hard work aint hard work. He does not and will not shy away from anything or anyone and he has succeed at every level because he refuses to settle for less.

“You’ve got to go out and show them that I’m a different creature now, then I was five minutes ago, cause I’m pissed off for greatness. Cause if you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that just means you’re okay with being mediocre.”

When you watch Ray Lewis, and you hear commentators describing him. The words they use don’t illustrate an ordinary man, they use words that describe a lion willing to die for his pride.  Announcers use words like roaming, circling, eyeing because he is the ultimate predator, You know it, I know it, and he knows it.

“I already believe I am the best linebacker in the game. Now, I have to show one more thing ? that I am the most dominating, influential person in the game and the best football player to ever put on a pair of cleats.”

 ”I don’t go out and try to bash people and then get to the football. No, I get to the running back. No running back wants to face me in this league.”

His teammates even know it

I have the good fortune of being on the same team as Ray Lewis. I don’t have to face him on Sunday.” - Jamal Lewis

Career Stats:

  • Tackles: 2,050
  • Interceptions: 31
  • Sacks: 41.5

And his mark of greatness is not only he see himself succeed but his desire to will others to be great. That’s Ray’s more enduring quality thats continued to shine through out his tenure in the NFL.

Win or lose, when he leaves the game I will forever remember him as these three things.

He is resolute.

He is power.

He is fear.

Here are my two favorite hits delivered by ray lewis.

The Dustin Keller hit

The Chris Mcalister block

-bradley ward


Ray Lewis: Great write-up, great game, great player, great career.