Remember when Mike Ditka recorded a followup to the Super Bowl Shuffle, without any of the Bears? We didn’t either, but here’s The Grabowski Shuffle anyway. Written by the same team that made the original Super Bowl Shuffle, this video features “Grabowskis,” which is what Mike Ditka called hard-working players, and these were their working-class Chicago equivalents. Near the end of the video, Ditka expresses his hope that there could be Grabowski fan clubs in every city, as well as a national convention. He also probably hoped the Bears would go to more than one Super Bowl.

The video was shot at the old Ditka’s restaurant/City Lights dance club. Ditka claims that whenever you came into City Lights, you’d hear The Grabowski Shuffle, which explains why that nightclub has been closed for years. It also stars the Iron Mike Dancers and the Electric Pipe Band, who may have been rivals to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. I don’t think Bill Parcells ever had Big Tuna Dancers, or if he did, they performed only in the privacy of his home. This confluence of all things Ditka never resonated with the American public, but it did give superfan Bill Swerski his very first heart attack. Da Bears!